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Our Team



Owner and Manager

Hello, I'm Louise! ​I am a mum of three children and I have worked in childcare settings since 2009 and I am level 5 qualified in early years, and I am currently studying level 3 early years Senco role. My role in the team is certified in Paediatric First Aider, SENCO, ENCO and I am the Designated Safeguarding Lead.

​ I work with a great team and like to make Tiny Feet warm and welcoming, environment, and take great pride in my role in building close bonds with the children, and their families.


Hi, my name is Nic short for Nichola. i have worked in early years for over 30 years and love every moment of it.

I am a mum of 4 children and have worked at Tiny Feet for just over 8 years with 6 of those as deputy manager.

I have various qualifications, my latest being a foundation degree in Teaching and Learning and my BA Honours in Teaching and Learning in Early Years


Deputy Manager



Preschool Practitioner

Hello, I'm Lauren. I am currently in childcare and hoping to start my level 3 this year. I'm a mum of 2 and I've been working at Tiny Feet for 3 years.


Preschool Practitioner

 Hi, I'm Jenni, a mum of 2 and I've just completed my level 2 in childcare. I've worked at Tiny Feet since April 2022 and look forward to many more years. Im and avid maker and crafter and really enjoy helping the children to be creative and designing things we can use in the setting. 

Key Person System

Our preschool uses a key person system. This means each child will be given a key worker who will develop a positive relationship with you and your child. This will help your child to settle and they will be able to create activities from their interests. The key worker will use their knowledge about your child that they have observed from activities. This will then be added to your child learning journal and used to create new next steps to enable your child progress. 

Key workers record observations on Famly and will be overseen by management. They will be aware of all personal pathways developed by your child's key worker and any concerns that may arise will receive their immediate attention. All pathways will be subject to termly moderation to ensure all staff are working consistently to standard.  

Observations and Assessments

Your child's key worker will keep records on Famly of your child's development. You will be able to download the Famly app so you can access your child's progress and photos of the activities they have been involved in.

 If at anytime you would like to discuss your child's development please speak to your child's key worker to arrange a suitable time to talk through any concerns.

At the end of your child's time with us at Tiny Feet we like to share your child's achievements with their primary school. When this time arrives we will seek your permission to do this.

Policies and Procedures

We have policies and procedures to help develop a safe and secure environment for our children, parents and staff. 

If your child requires medication while in preschool it must be handed to a member of staff so it can be stared safely. We will need to fill out a form and two members of staff will be present while the medicine is administered. Please note we will not administer infant paracetamol or ibuprofen. 


Once all the children have arrived, the outer gate will be locked. 

We have an emergency exit at the rear of the hall that bypasses the security gate in case of emergency.

We ask all parents and carers sign their child in and let us know who is collecting at the end of the session. If for some unforeseen reason you are unable to collect your child, we must be informed of the change.

Equal Opportunities 

We follow an Equal Opportunities Policy. All children, their families, staff and visitors are treated equally regardless of their gender, race, culture, disability, religion or any other differences. 

Children see adults as their role models, so we treat all of our children with love and respect while nurturing self esteem, confidence and kindness to themselves and others. 


Our ethos is to treat everyone equally and kindly. As the children are still learning and developing this skill we will sometimes have behaviour that doesn't belong in the setting. We will encourage the child to share their feelings as to what led to them reacting the way they did. We encourage the children to treat others as they would like to be treated. At the end of the session we will discuss with the parent / carer options on how to best reinforce positive behaviour. 

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