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Session Times​

Morning: 9am - 12 noon

Afternoon: 12 noon - 3pm

We are open term time only with 5 training inset days a year.

Download our registration form here .

Settling in

To help children settle in before starting preschool we offer a settling in session where you and your child can come and play together.  We will also complete an 'All About Me' booklet to help to get to know your child. This enables us to build relationships with you and your child and for them to feel comfortable in our preschool. We always work with how you and your child feel. If your child is a little tearful when you leave, we always phone to reassure you they have stopped crying (which is usually the case!).  We never leave a child continually crying and will phone you to discuss the best way forward. 

Could we ask that you label your child's belongings, especially lunchboxes and drinks bottles as we often have similar items. For our snack we provide a range of food such as fruit and bread sticks, with a choice of milk and water to drink.

If your child is attending lunch they will need to bring a lunch box with a range of healthy foods. Please can we ask that no sweets or nuts are included. We do try to promote a healthy eating pattern with staff and children.

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